It is characterized by excessive sweat excretion (> 50 mg / mm), more than
required for thermoregulation. It is distinguished in primary and secondary.
Hyperhidrosis mainly concerns palms – soles. Sweat excretion in sufferers is up
to 30 times greater and can be lost up to 3 lit / h. Hyperhidrosis has serious
social, professional, economic and psychological consequences. In some cases,
it is the result of another disease, e.g. (ED, thyrotoxicosis, menopause, etc.)
a) General measures (light clothing, air conditioning, avoidance of alcohol and
traffic, rehabilitation of liquids).
(b) Titanium ammonium lactate
c) Anticholinergics
(d) Iontophoresis. Per os: β – Adrenergic blockers (glycopyrrolate 2mg x 3 or
oxybutynin 5mg x 2)
e) Botox. It works on cholinergic nerve fibers and prevents the secretion of
acetylcholine. It is advisable to do this with a 14-day difference, the right from
the left palm because it can bring a muscle weakness to the hands.
(f) Surgical treatment:
Exception to sweat, laser, ultrasound.
Sympathectomy (thoracic for axillary hyperhidrosis with severe complications
or lumbar spine hyperhidrosis).