They are infections caused by specific microorganisms, the fungi. They cause
superficial and in-depth fungi. Superficial are caused by 3 types of fungi:
dermatophytes, candida and dandelion.
Dermatophytes: Affects hands, feet, nails, trunk skin, scalp and beard.
The legs appear reddened, scaly and itchy, especially in summer.

In the hands of redness, dryness due to clogged pores of sweat, at the level of
keratin, and of course flaking and itching or rash may have a centrifugal
arrangement to the periphery.
On scalp with redness, swelling and hair loss in places that can form bare wool
plates on the head, usually in young children and of course contagious.
Finally, trunk dermatitis occurs in warm climates, in immunosuppressed and
children who meet stray mainly pets. The lesions are round like centrifugal
rings and may be 1 or more, accompanied by itching.
The nails may appear with a change in nail color or detachment from the bed,
or less often nausea.
Treatment is topical antifungal treatment in creams, lotions and nail polish and
systemic treatment per os.
Candidates: Affects skin and mucous membranes, especially when the defense
is down. Predisposing factors are diabetes, antibiotic treatments, pregnancy,
immunosuppressants, obesity, and more. Humidity generally favors the growth
of candida. Has a high frequency in the folds (thighs, armpits, chest, etc.)
Diverse Dandelion: It is due to dandelion. Appears on the scalp and upper part
of the trunk. It is related to heat, humidity, poor hygiene, poor nutrition, fall
defense. 1-month treatment and includes both local and systemic treatment
per os.